Leadville crunch time!

Lots of gravel riding on the MTB!

The last few weeks have been a blur of hard training, a much-needed recovery week, dealing with a personal loss & a quick business trip.  With the Leadville Trail 100 MTB only 6 weeks away, it’s crunch time…

Anyone who lives in Texas knows that the heat has arrived: it’s hot out there, ya’ll! So, I’ve been balancing my rides outdoors with some indoor riding.  For example, I did a hot gravel grinder with the Gritty Teeth Racing crew this morning.  Then, after returning home & getting in some hydration & nutrition, I spent more time in the saddle on the wind trainer (watching Tour de France coverage, bien sûr, since it is July after all!).  Although, it’s always more fun to do an entire ride outside, this combo of outdoor/indoor training will help me recover more quickly so I can train hard again this week.

The strength training I’ve been doing with my coach, Chad Welch, since early November of last year is paying dividends.  Those early morning strength training workouts followed by post-gym recovery rides are hard but amazingly effective.

This past Friday, I decided to hop out on some singletrack on my MTB for the first time in a LONG time.  It was a nice change of pace: being outside in the woods always makes me happy…  But I was pleasantly surprised by how fast & smooth I was riding.  I’m not sure if it’s due to all the time I’ve spent riding rollers or the fact that I’ve dropped weight or that I’ve watched a lot of MTB racing (so I can channel my inner @jolandaneff )…or some combination of all of these things.  But, it was a surprise & it gave me more confidence with the Leadville Stage Race & Leadville Trail 100 MTB on the horizon.

I’ll be heading to Colorado soon in the RV with my dog & my bikes, so look for more training & racing updates with lots of gorgeous mountain scenery!


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