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Here a Tri-City bicycles we want to share our love and passion for cycling with the Central Texas community. Cycling is a part of who we are both on and off the bike. We are just as excited as you about cycling and that is why we want to help you find the right bicycle.

We are committed to providing an outstanding experience to our customers. That's why we take the time to get to know you and understand those needs. Whether you’re looking for something to race with, or wanting to get around town, or just in need of a maintenance repair. We can help and ensure that your needs are matched with best product or service.

Our goal is to positively impact the Central Texas community. That is why we give back to the community with our involvement in supporting trail maintenance, local bicycle clubs, sponsorship and group rides. Our goal is to bring all riders together in a supportive, welcoming community.


Tri-City Bicycles was founded in 2010 and opened at the present location on Arbor Drive in Belton,TX in 2011. While our shop started small with the help of good friends like Doug Pickett and Taos Cyclery to help me get started. However, throughout the years we have had the pleasure with working with some of the best bicycle brands in the world. Today, the shop continues to grow beyond what I had envisioned when I first opened the doors. Thanks, in large part to the support of a great cycling community in the area.

Tri-CityCrew & Racers

picture of Chad the owner and lead bike mechanic
Chad WelchShop Owner/Lead Mechanic
picture of Max a bike mechanic in the shop
Max NewmanMechanic/Sales
picture of Joy a sponsored racer
Joy BrottSponsored Racer
picture of Craig a sponsored racer
Craig MaattaSponsored Racer