Trek 720 Disc-Recall


Only model years 2015, 2016 and 2017 720 Disc bicycles and Bontrager Approved TLR Disc 700C 24H front and rear wheels are affected.

The wheels were made with a wheel set that exhibits a higher rate of spoke breakage. On the front wheel of the bicycle, a broken spoke could engage with the brake caliper, causing the bicycle to stop suddenly, resulting in a serious accident. Therefore, the recommended guidance is to have the wheel inspected by your local Trek dealer to see if it needs to be replaced. For more information on this recall by Trek click Here or CONTACT US at the shop.


March 4 Trail Day

This past trail day was a success and would like to thank all the volunteers who cametrail maintenance on a trail out helped revive parts of Dana Peak park. We were able to clean up and re-route parts of the trail known as Auntie Rob. We also had a team that deconstructed the bridge on the fenceline trail to be installed in its original intended location. Again thanks to all the volunteers that helped on this rainy weekend to revive Dana Peak park. There will be more trail days in the future be on the look out.

Fox Shock Recall


Due to mountain bikes, rear shock absorbers where the outer sleeve can rupture putting the rider in a hazardous condition fox has issued a recall. For more information on the recall click Here.